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Welcome to Sanborn Shore Acres

Welcome to Sanborn Shore Acres, a family owned campground providing a quality camping experience to families just like yours. Located on Big Island Pond in Southern New Hampshire, Sanborn Shore Acres is an all-seasonal campground, catering to the interests of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy swimming, fishing and boating. Don’t let the name deceive you: Big Island Pond is a large lake by any definition, with 500 acres, 15 miles of shoreline, and crystal-clear waters reaching depths of approximately 75 feet. With a large private beach and docks for the exclusive use of our campers, Sanborn Shore Acres offers the type of quality camping experience that you would not expect to find this close to home.

The campground offers a wide ranging activities schedule which caters to the interests of those seasonal campers. Frequently recurring events include professional DJ’s and local bands, cornhole tournaments and holiday themed activities such as Christmas In July and Trick-or-Treat.

On Site Amenities

136 Seasonal Campsites with Metered Electricity, Well Water, Sewer Hookup & Cable TV
180 ft. Sandy Beach on a 500 Acre Lake
Beachfront Cottage Rental (weekly)
Boat Ramp and Docks (seasonal)
Fireplace at Each Site
Handicap Accessible Restroom
Laundry Room
Pets Welcomed (on leash)
Churches and Markets Within 2 miles
Dumpsters on site for household trash disposal
Please note that we do not have tent sites or a tenting area.

Seasonal Camping

Open April 15th - October 15th

Sanborn Shore Acres contains 136 campsites, exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of seasonal campers.Each site features metered electricity, well water, sewer hookup and digital cable TV. A boat ramp and docks are also available, at an additional fee, for campers who would like to dock or launch their own boat on Big Island Pond. We also offer a wide ranging activities schedule which caters to the interests of seasonal campers. Be sure to view our site map in order to get a feeling for the size of our sites and the layout of the campground, as well as the proximity of various sites to the beach, restrooms and the other campground amenities.

2023 Seasonal Rate
Seasonal Rate includes water, sewer and cable TV. Sites are metered electric.
Rates are based upon 2 adults and up to 3 children, 18 years and under.
Off-season trailer storage at no charge to returning seasonal campers.
Our seasonal sites are full for the 2023 season. Please fill out an inquiry below to be put on our waitlist.
Convenient payment plans are available.

Visitor Fees
There is a $10.00 charge for each Day Visitor (5 years and older) and an $20.00 charge for each Overnight Visitor (5 years and older). Senior visitors (60+) are charged half price ($5.00 per day or $10.00 per night). Visitor fees doubled on holiday weekends.
Children visiting their parents on Mothers Day and Fathers Day, visit for FREE!
Click here for a more complete set of visitor rates and rules.

Rental Accommodations

3 Bedroom Lakefront Cottage

Lake front Cottage on RV campground. Located on Big Island Pond in Southern New Hampshire, Sanborn Shore Acres is an all-seasonal campground, catering to the interests of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy swimming, fishing and boating. Don’t let the name deceive you: Big Island Pond is a large lake by any definition, with 500 acres, 15 miles of shoreline, and crystal-clear waters reaching depths of approximately 75 feet. Large private beach.

3 Bedroom Cottage second bedroom

For additional photos and booking, follow the link to AirBnB.

AirBNB booking link

2 Bedroom Camper/RV Rental
6 guests; 1 queen bedroom & 2 bunk beds

Be part of our campground and lake without owning or maintaining a RV. All campground activities and access without the hassle. Bring your clothes and food, we will provide the rest. Whether your an experienced camper or first timer we know you will love your campground vacation. Bunkhouse is suitable for children and teens, but may be to small to accommodate adults comfortably.

2 Bedroom Cottage exterior
2 Bedroom Cottage living room

For additional photos and booking, follow the link to AirBnB.

AirBNB booking link

Annual Recreational Activities

Christmas (Week) in July - Kids crafts, Visit from Santa, site decorating contest
DJ nights for all ages
Trick or Treat
Labor Day Beach view Fireworks
Block Parties
Band Nights
Yankee Swap
Corn Hole Tournaments
4th of July Bike Parade
Big Island Pond Events: 4th of July Fireworks, Poker Run
… and more!

Site Map

Sanborn Shore Acres Site Map

Click to view map as PDF.

The following Sanborn Shore Acres rules are intended to emphasize Safety First!

Speed & Bikes
The speed limit is 5 miles per hour throughout the area, bicycles included. Bikes are to be on site before dark (when street lights go on). Children must wear helmets.

Campfires only between 5:00PM and midnight. Fires shall not be unattended at any time. Fireplaces shall not be removed or relocated prior to office notification.

Playground and basketball area open 9:00AM - 8:00PM. The ball field/parking area is off limits to anyone after dark. The snack bar and boat dock open at 11:00AM. No docking for more than one half hour. Beach opens at 8:00AM. No swimming after dark.

No washing or repair work on vehicles. Trailers may be washed after notification to office. Any person under age 21 caught drinking alcoholic beverages, will be given one warning. The second time, the family will be asked to leave. Any person found using drugs of any kind, the family will be asked to leave immediately. Any persons 17 and under are not to be left alone at their campsite during the day or overnight without adult supervision.

The Beach
No jumping off raft with flotation devices. This could cause serious injury. No pets. No glass containers. No alcoholic beverages. Children 14 and under require adult supervision for swimming. Beach opens at 8:00AM. No swimming after dark. No fishing off marina docks.

Dogs & Cats
All pets must be on a leash both ON and OFF the site. Pet waste not disposed of properly or constantly barking dogs will result in your pet not permitted on property. Pets are not to be left alone for an extended period of time.

There is a $10.00 charge for each Day Visitor (5 years and older) and an $20.00 charge for each Overnight Visitor (5 years and older). Senior visitors (60+) are charged half price ($5.00 per day or $10.00 per night). There is no charge for a visitor’s car. Visitor fees are doubled on holidays. Visitors must depart prior to 10:00PM from Sunday through Thursday, 11:00PM on Friday and Saturday. Overnight visitors are automatically charged the next day rate regardless of departure time. No refunds are given for early departure.
IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the camper to inform their guests of the fees and the “check-in upon arrival” requirement. All visitors must register at the office upon arrival. If they do not, the fee will be charged to you. A $25 additional fee will be charged to the camper for any visitors who do not register in upon arrival.
Visitor fees are doubled on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends, resulting in fewer guests and a more pleasurable stay for campers.
Kids 16 and under may visit grandparents for free. On Mothers Day & Fathers Day, children visit free. Visitors may not bring pets or motorized watercraft into the campground.

Seasonal Guest Passes
Seasonal Guest Passes are available at the following rates. Adult: $250; Adult 65+: $125; Child 5-12 years: $150; Teen 13-18 years: $175. (Seasonal Passes are non-transferable to other guests. Seasonal parking permit is required.)

Curfew Time
All pre-teens, 12 and under, must be back to their sites by 9:30PM, Monday through Sunday. All teenagers must be back to their sites by 10:00PM, Sunday through Thursday. All teenagers must be back to their sites by 11:00PM, Friday and Saturday. Adults must accompany children to their sites after curfew times.

Quiet Hours
Sunday thru Thursday - 10:00PM to 8:00AM. / Friday and Saturday - 11:00PM to 8:00AM.

Fishing, Boating & Lake Maps

Sanborn Shore Acres is located on Big Island Pond in Southern New Hampshire. Big Island Pond is a large lake by any definition, with 500 acres, 15 miles of shoreline, and crystal-clear waters reaching depths of approximately 75 feet. The lake offers excellent fishing opportunities, with commonly available species including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, chain pickerel, and white perch. With a large private beach and docks for the exclusive use of our campers, the campground is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

Big Island Pond Maps
Big Island Pond Illustrated Map (PDF)
Big Island Pond NH Fish & Game Dept. Contour Map (PDF)

Travel Directions

Sanborn Shore Acres is easy to reach, in Southern New Hampshire. The campground is located only a short distance from either I-93 or I-495. Best of all, when camping at Sanborn Shore Acres, you will be close to a wide range of outstanding regional attractions.

Area Attractions


Canobie Lake Park
Water Country
Miniature Golf
Axe Throwing


New England Dragway
Star Speedway


Mall at Rockingham Park
Tuscan Village


Hoodkroft Country Club
LaBelle Winery Derry Golf Course


America’s Stonehenge
Old Sandown Railroad Museum


Walking Trails
Seacoast Beaches (40 minutes)
Boston (50 minutes)

Online Inquiry

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